Deleting Destructive Belief Patterns

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Sometimes it is astonishing how much we are guided by our internal belief patterns, which we are often unaware of. Growing up in an abusive and un-supportive environment, I was full of these destructive belief patterns. Through the years, I developed some techniques to check the status of my beliefs, and sometimes it is terrifying to which beliefs I discovered I had to agree. Here is one example I want to share of one belief and how I could delete it and change my actual behaviour within minutes.

One day I was going for a hike together with my now ex-husband and a friend. Unforeseeable, they decided to change the route and walk right next to the ocean. But there was no road or street. As the picture above shows, we had to climb over the stones. Immediately I felt uncomfortable. The two guys were much faster than me, and I started to fall behind. Additionally, the tide was rising, and I began to generate fearful thoughts that the tide would catch us and we won’t be able to make our way back. Falling back further, all alone with my fearful thoughts worsening, I decided to try to find out where these thoughts were coming from.

While doing so, I got into these negative thoughts more and more. It was like a downward spiral pulling me deeper and deeper into the darkness of my thoughts. At one point, I had to stop and breathe in and out slowly so as not to start crying. I had sentences formed like this:

“Why are they not helping me. Nobody takes care of me. They leave me behind and give a shit about me and how I am.
I will get hurt. I will break my ankle. I will get stuck between the stones. I will never get back safe.
I am so insecure. I am afraid to get hurt. I will get hurt badly.”


Going through all these thoughts, I tried to narrow it down to the basis of my fear. And going deeper and deeper, at one moment, I got the feeling I got to the base of it.

I discovered a substantial fear:


the fear of feeling pain, the fear of getting hurt

This fear is beside me constantly, accompanying all my moves and decisions. I was shocked by the evident “YES” when confronting myself with this belief pattern as it went really deep. Reflecting on all the abuse from my earliest childhood, the brutality I experienced by myself, and the aggressive energy that surrounded me from my first days in this life explains this constant fear of getting hurt, fearing the pain that comes with it, physically and emotionally.

After realizing the source, I was ready to delete this belief pattern.

During my life, I developed a technique inspired by Theta Healing techniques. The words I use were paraphrased by Christie Marie Sheldon, a spiritual teacher I learned about in 2018 when I watched videos and courses published online. Christie’s technique is very straightforward and saves much time. Admittedly, it is a shortcut compared to the traditional Theta Healing Techniques, but it works nevertheless.

  1. You define the belief pattern you want to eliminate because it no longer serves you.
  2.  You connect with the light above you and the earth below you.
  3.  Then you concentrate all the energy in your heart until you can expand the heart as far as possible.
  4.  This gets you in the right state to reprogram yourself using a phase like this, in my case here, “the fear of pain”:

“I delete, destroy, destory and decrate the fear of pain in my whole being; though all dimensions, time, space and reality.”

In that state, I often get more information, and I keep adapting the wording that needs to be used in the flow of the process. In this case, it kept flowing very intensely and went somehow like this:

“I delete, destroy, destory and decreate the fear of pain through all my genetics, all my genetic memories, from the atomic level, through the elemental level, to the cellular level, through all astral, emotional and spiritual dimensions, from infinity to eternity, now. 

So be it. And so it is.”  

I repeated sentences like that all over again, feeling blocks of stuff stumbling around me, getting lighter and lighter until an inner peace filled me, and I started realizing that the fear of pain was gone. At that time, I started smiling, and my steps got more self-confident. I started creating new belief patterns like these:

“I enjoy life.
I enjoy moving. I am confident in my body. 
I am safe.
I am confident to jump and run.”

At that time, I started laughing and jumping from stone to stone instead of anxiously daring to take the next step. It began to be fun, and I started to enjoy it. In the meantime, we were unbelievably on the way back, and I was now faster than the guys. I had so much fun jumping, being so confident with each step, that I left them behind. Some of the stones moved as they were not stable, but that started to be the most fun for me because I had to balance, and it was fun, like racing a roller coaster.
When we reached the starting point, I looked back, and I could not believe the difference inside myself, how I started the hike and in which condition I ended it. It was a change of 180 degrees, from one opposite to the other, from the dark to the light, in just over an hour.

When I realize a destructive belief pattern, 
– within myself: “I delete it!”
– within another person, I keep saying: “Just delete it!”

I know it works. 

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