My story

Growing up in Vienna, Austria, with an immigration background, but in a prestigious neighbourhood, I was facing extremes from my early beginnings. On the one side abundance and on the other side day-to-day struggles for survival, ongoingly being threatened physically and emotionally. This led me to the deep urge to escape this world. I got fascinated by death and what exists beyond it and searched for ways to explore the dimensions of existence through different states of consciousness. Studying religions and concepts of what life is all about I explored Theta Healing, Quantum Healing, Pleiadean and Sirian Light Work, Atlantean Crystal Work, Energetic Transformation and Exorcism, Channeling and Soul Travel quite excessively. In these years I proved to myself the existence of the soul beyond the borders of the physical body.

Growing up in an abusive environment additionally created a deep urge for true freedom, independence and peace of mind. I almost lost myself in these interdimensional worlds. But one day I realized, that there must be a reason being in this physical body. I decided to concentrate on and master my physical existence instead. I finished two master's degrees, and became a female entrepreneur, founder and CFO, overreaching all the goals I set for myself.

But I realized there was something missing in my life, as I still did not feel fulfilled.

Then came Covid. Stuck alone in a little apartment in a foreign country apart from my husband I got back to my old meditation routines and spiritual exercises. I always felt energy strongly, but during a Joe Dispenza meditation in the summer of 2020, I said "yes" to life and since then the energy started to flow ecstatically, causing orgasm-like sensations within my body. In the following months, the intensity constantly kept increasing until it peaked in a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening in November 2020, leaving me in a fiery sun and an ecstatic state for four hours.

From this date, everything in my life started crumbling. Circumstances that were okay were not stable and for sure any more. I could not stay in the home I was at, I had to leave. What was acceptable wasn't acceptable or bearable any more. My marriage broke apart, we divorced, and as we were business partners I also had to leave the company and my career. All aspects of my life were crushed in only a couple of months. I felt like everything was taken from me. I lost all I had built over decades. I had to let go of the illusion of stability as nothing stayed the same at all.  That was tuff, but it made space for something completely new.

I had to leave my familiar surroundings and surrender to the flow of the life force energy. I got a van and started driving, with no specific target, purely following where my heart was pulling me, not knowing where I would end up. During these months of travelling, I also searched for ways to deal with the energy that rushed through me in unpredictable and uncontrollable ways, often leaving me desperately searching for answers.

Thankfully the energy also kept sending me people and entities, providing answers to my questions, though mostly in unexpected manners. These experiences and encounters supported me on my path and I managed to find ways to cope with the energy, learning that Kundalini energy does not allow any blockages to stand in its path, unleashing enormous power until you let go of anything that doesn't let it flow freely. Kundalini energy forces you to jump into the abyss, but if you don't resist and surrender to the power of the life force itself, then you find joy and fulfilment beyond imaginable possibilities, and the life you were supposed to live begins to manifest in the here and now right in front of you.

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