Kundalini energy is the life force itself, the energy that flows through everything that exists and creates all that is.

About Me - Maria

Growing up in Austria, Europe, I finished two master's degrees, married, and became a serial entrepreneur.

Besides the socially visible, I have been fascinated by death and what exists beyond it, exploring the dimensions of existence. Since my Kundalini Awakening, the energy kept pushing so intensively that all aspects of my physical life were crushed and led me finally to my purpose of bridging both worlds, connecting the unconnectable.


Having a Kundalini Awakening ... and now what?

During my Kundalini Awakening, a fire sun burned within and around me. I had ecstatic orgasm-like sensations for four hours, and I couldn't make it stop. Such phenomena and other side effects kept arising spontaneously, uncontrollably and often leaving me in turmoil over a long time. It may sound desirable, but it is not funny if you're in a public space or office environment and start moaning.

Facing struggles with the energy nobody has talked about, or warned of, led me on a quest to find guidance and others who experience the life force energy similarly. I was searching for ways to cope with intense sexual sensations, long-lasting ecstatic episodes, unexplainable body pains wandering within my body and unprompted emotions like sadness, anxiety or anger. On top of that, realities and dimensions were intermerging. I was experiencing different realities to an incredibly realistic extent, questioning myself about what to do with all these pieces of information.

On this journey, I started to explain this energy called Kundalini to others, cautiously guiding them. Carefully, if stepping onto the path of Kundalini discovery, you should ask yourself these questions:

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Do I really want this?

How can I stabilise the energy in my system?

Am I ready to safely experience a Kundalini Awakening without harming myself?

How can I cope with all the changes in a healthy manner?

Kundalini - The Quest

My journey

I am sharing how I integrated the Kundalini energy — exploring the highs and lows of this transformative process and learning how to navigate the challenges, embracing self-discovery, joy, ecstasy and inner peace, uncovering my struggles, techniques, encounters and how the energy keeps changing all aspects of my being.

How I Can Support You

Do You want to feel the life force energy flowing through you in a more loving, accepting and peaceful way?


You may experience various struggles in different phases of Your development. Here is a collection of issues You might face and what can help You with each.

How to face and manage

... unexplainable body pains passing through your body, unprompted emotions like sadness, anxiety and anger, intense sexual episodes, ...
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Several techniques can stabilize and calm down specific energy patterns. Find out what currently works best for You as You might need to adapt.

Explore and adapt techniques over time

... blessings, meditation, lucid dreaming, soul travel, channelling, Theta Healing, Atlantean crystal healing, light work, physiotherapy, P-DTR, massages, ...
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As You start to be open, see and feel what goes beyond the physical, You start encountering unexplainable synchronicities, dimensions and entities.

Meet what exists beyond the Ordinary

Several encounters might be scary, questioning Your sanity, leaving You overwhelmed or confused, and not understanding the message or meaning.
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Current Engagements

While I was experiencing the fire sun burning me alive while moaning and going through these ecstatic full-body sensations, I was in my home office sitting at my laptop. As the intensity kept growing, instead of slowing down, I became increasingly desperate and typed into Google Search, "Kundalini Awakening - What to do? What to do?" But unfortunately, I was shattered as the information I gathered was not helpful, mostly theory and impossible to apply in my current situation. Ultimately, I found the statement that fire can be treated with water. As this orgasm continued for almost four hours, I moved slowly to the shower and poured cool water on the top of my head, which thankfully eased the sensations after a while, leaving me deeply grateful for that hint. I don't know what I would have done otherwise.

The following months were tough as my body underwent significant adjustments, and I had to learn to integrate high energy levels. On top of that, all my main life conditions were crushed, and I had to undergo drastic changes in all areas of my life, including my home, job, career, marriage, friends and family. Thankfully I was introduced to an Indian guru who guided me through the process, and I am incredibly grateful for his lead. I want to share what made me integrate and understand what happened. In this regard, I am currently engaged in these projects:

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Meditations: self-created guided meditations published on InsightTimer

Publishing: blog, podcast and book assignments

Academy: courses to increase freedom, peace and joy published on Blue Sea Academy

Interviews: data collection for a documentary on Kundalini Awakening from a Western perspective

Community: building a Kundalini-awakened community, sharing our insights to support each other


Published meditations

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